VGI Faculty

VGI Faculty

The thriving reputation of Viridis Graduate Institute’s Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities programs begins with our accomplished faculty members.

VGI faculty bring experience and perspective into the dynamics of classroom discussions. Our faculty members have devoted their entire professional careers to researching, writing, and practicing the subjects they teach.

They are prominent members of their professional communities with unique combinations of expertise, experience, and ideas that help students frame issues, focus discussion, gain perspective and solve problems.

Because our class sizes are small, strong bonds form between students and faculty. Important to VGI is the spirit of collegiality and community among graduates, faculty, and staff.


Gregory Cajete, Ph.D.
Course: Native Science and Indigenous Epistemologies

Andra Daunhauer, D.A., Dean
Course: Image, Perception & Narrative Change

Hans Gruenn, M.D.
Course: Ecotoxicology

Lori Pye, Ph.D.,
Courses: Ecopsychology I, II, III, IV, Body Ecologies, Persistent Contemporary Narratives, Ecopsychological Ethics

Laura Rodriguez, D.A.
Course: Biogeography: Humans & Landscapes, Professional Applications for Ecopsychology

Robin Saltonstall, Ph.D.
Courses: Ecotoxicology, Climate Crisis & Ecopsychological Applications, Capstone Projects

Alissa Simon, D.A.
Courses: Narrative Foundations of Ecopsychology

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Viridis graduate Institute offers a rare, intimate and transformational education. My years with Viridis have changed my perspective on life and I am all the richer for it. The skill and presence of the faculty members is fantastic. The diversity of materials and methods (especially for online education) is great. I highly recommend Viridis to anyone who wants to get to the roots of the narratives we live by, and to understand the extraordinary possibility in front of us.

Tara *****

Just finishing an MA at Viridis and my experience with the instruction, philosophy and training has been excellent. Highly recommended for professional or personal development.