Tech Requirements

Tech Requirements

In order to fulfill the Technology Requirements of Viridis Graduate Institute course curriculum all students are expected to have or have access to:

1) A personal computer,

2) Keep an active VGI Gmail student e-mail account,

3) Have an appropriately working web camera for class meetings,

4) A headset with microphone is REQUIRED for online classes,

5) Reliable Internet connection for online classes (preferably hardwired / Ethernet connections for online class meetings).


ZOOM Technology

Viridis Graduate Institute utilizes ZOOM Meeting for all live real-time classes. Students are required to participate via computer, laptop, or iPad for all classes. In case of an emergency and Internet access is lost, students may join via TELEPHONE or iPhone.
Zoom training is provided at the Student Orientation Meeting.


POPULI is VGI’s Student Information System: POPULI (

Google Reviews

Jacqueline *****

Viridis offers a unique and dynamic graduate education in ecopsychology and environmental humanities. It examines the underlying narratives of self and culture in order to promote productive and systemic change in our institutions and manner of living.

Jessica *****

When I first looked at what the Viridis DA program offers I thought… “this is too good to be true.” After years of searching for somewhere that would be the right fit for me on my educational journey, I found it. Not only has my connection to the natural world grown stronger but I have found strength within myself and my psyche I never knew possible. This program truly is a life changing experience and equips you with the skills and knowledge to pass that experience onto others. Almost in my final year of the program, I already find myself using ecopsychological application in all areas of my everyday life. My connections with the professors, staff, and my fellow students are stronger than anything I experienced in person during my undergraduate and graduate studies prior, which I didn’t think was possible with distance learning. This program is for all the dreamers, the change makers, the ones that want to fight for equal rights of everything on this planet. A place you can be yourself and let your ideas flourish and develop. Enrolling in this program was the best decision I have ever made.