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Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

Nourish the Roots of Viridis Graduate Institute

An education at Viridis Graduate Institute facilitates the transformation of the narratives and behaviors that perpetuate destructive policies and practices harming planetary life and degrading ecological habitats for non-human and human communities alike.

Viridis Graduate Institute appreciates your support which allows us to continue to bring the most current ecological psychology education to our students and the wider community.

Viridis’ roots are like an Aspen grove. Aspen trees do not stand alone, rather they are members of a larger organism whose main life force is an extensive underground root system.

When you donate to Viridis, you join our Aspen-like ecosystem. We do not stand alone, but rather depend on the exchanges of resources to evolve the ever-changing field of ecopsychology. 

In this way, you are helping to change humanity’s psychological evolution of narratives and behaviors to be more cooperative, collaborative, and relational with the one planet we call home and with each other.

Image:  Roots of Justice by Pamela Bjork

Thank you for your support!  


Donations to Viridis Graduate Institute can be made with a check or credit card. We ask that you please consider sending VGI a check so that we do not lose the full value of your gift to banking fees.

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Thank you for your generosity and commitment to education.
Viridis Graduate Institute.