Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses

Professional Development & Ecological Psychology

Professional Development is an investment in your ecosystem. You will gain different insights, new skills, knowledge,  and capabilities that enhance flourishing for the ecology of people, organizations, institutions, corporations, and the community. It is also an excellent way to engage in lifelong learning that matters for professional and personal identity.

Professional Development Educational Offerings

Ecopsychology Intensive Course
Introduction to Ecopsychology  Course

What Is Ecological Psychology?

The Value of Ecological Psychology Professional Development

Today, and in the centuries to come, decisions, practices, programs, products, services, and ethical alignments will be made based on ecological literacy (basic knowledge of how the planet works) and developed psychological (relational) capabilities. They will need to include accountability, ethics in corporate culture, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and ecological and psychological leadership.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, run a household, or lead a business, corporation, institution, or community, the challenge is to meet the needs of all within the planet’s means.

Problems people, families, organizations, and communities face today, from climate disasters, ecological and social justice conflicts, lack of access to education, physical and mental health, and economic fairness, to the despoliation of air, water, and soil, are not new.

These interrelated problems stem from human narratives and their practices – from our psychology.

At Viridis, we approach ecological, social, family, economic and political systems as nested ecosystems, complex environments with circulating narratives that underpin every behavior and practice.

Viridis Professional Development Courses Aim To:
  • Educate participants to develop ecological literacy and psychological capacities for assessing and reconfiguring detrimental narratives and practices.
  • Demonstrate ecological & civic literacy.
  • Demonstrate a sense of professional identity.
  • Demonstrate a sense of personal identity.
  • Develop leadership qualities linking thought and action in forming creative and collaborative solutions.
  • Communicate and listen effectively.
What Students Say!
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Studying at Viridis Graduate Institute opened my mind to new possibilities. I learned to ask good questions which enabled me to unearth my unconscious beliefs, narratives, and wounds and to observe them through an ecological lens. In this process I discovered ways to compost behaviours and thoughts that have limited me in my life.

My study with Viridis has activated a more compassionate and kind way of behaving in the world. I’m still a work in progress but through cultivating gratitude and agency the feeling of aloneness has shifted to experiencing a sense of belonging.

Additionally, through assimilating and implementing my learnings I have a greater understanding of myself in relationship to the ecological world.  The course material and ideas presented awakened within me the experience that everything in the universe is kin. Unconscious prejudices, boundaries and biases which have kept me from open-hearted living are falling away.  I now endeavour to live my life knowing that my presence on earth matters.

Finally, one of my greatest lessons from Viridis is to learn to live with loss rather than identify with it. Through learning how to practice responsive living I am  developing creative ways to metamorphosis my feelings of being a victim of suffering to one of empowerment and responsibility for my own well being and that of this beautiful  universe which includes human and non humans.

All I can say is, if you want to feel good about who you are, to know that your life matters, and how to be of service in this world without carrying a heavy boulder on your back, undertake study with Viridis. -Angela, Australia