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How do I apply to Viridis Graduate Institute?

What Degree Are Offered?

Master of Arts in Social Sciences with Emphasis in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities

2-year, 54-credit program.

Doctor of Arts in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities

Doctor of Arts in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities with a Specialization in Climate Response and Resilience

3-year, 90-credit program.

Where do I find Nondegree courses?

What is the deadline to apply for fall enrollment?

Viridis has open enrollment. You may enroll in the MA or DA program at any time. The deadline for applications is July 15th.

Does Viridis have a semester or quarter system?

Viridis operates on a quarterly academic calendar. The quarter is 10 weeks long and consists of three courses per quarter.

When do classes start?

September (after Labor Day).

What technology do I need in order to attend classes?

Click here for Tech Requirements

Are classes held in real time or are they pre-recorded?

All classes are held in real-time (synchronous) via Zoom.

Classes are recorded (video, audio, and CC) and available to students throughout the quarter.

Are there class-recorded text transcripts available?

Yes, transcripts are in text format and available to students throughout the quarter.

How many hours per week should I expect to spend preparing for classes?

Depending on one’s reading speed, the degree programs typically require 5-8 hours per week.

What is the format of a typical class?

Classes are held synchronously via Zoom and consist of a combination of short lectures, class discussion, Q & A, small group breakout sessions, and student presentations.

How many students are in a typical class?

Class sizes vary, but generally, there are 15-20 students per cohort.

Which style of academic writing does Viridis adhere to?

All academic writing at Viridis is completed using the most author/date version of The Chicago Manual of Style (most current version).

Do I need a master’s degree to apply for the Viridis Doctor of Arts Program?

Students may apply to the Doctoral Program and obtain a masters-in-passing before they matriculate into the final doctoral program phase.

Is it possible to take classes part-time?

Viridis does not offer part-time options for graduate study. However, we recognize that students will encounter circumstances where a class may need to be made up. It is up to the student to work with faculty on these unusual situations.

Is it feasible to keep working while a pursue a degree at Viridis?

Most students at Viridis continue working while pursuing their degrees.

How much are tuition and fees for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Arts programs?

Tuition for the Master of Arts program can be found on the Viridis website: https://viridis.edu/MA-Program-Tuition-Fees/

Tuition for the Doctor of Arts program can be found on the Viridis website: https://viridis.edu/DA-Program-Tuition-Fees/

What qualifications do the professors have?

VGI Faculty are qualified and appropriately credentialed to teach the subject at the assigned level. All faculty at VGI has a doctorate.

Are there books that Viridis recommends that students read before classes start?

Please contact viridis@viridis.edu for suggested reading.

What is the average age of Viridis students?

The Viridis student age is around 25-45 years.

What kind of work are Viridis graduates doing?

Viridis graduates are employed in various professions: civic, state, and governmental, United Nations, healthcare, all levels of education, technology, the arts, community development, naturalist guides, psychotherapy, for-profit and nonprofit business, clergy, corporate responsibility and sustainability, research, and consulting, law and policy, homeschooling, retreat centers, eco-tourism. A degree from Viridis can be applied across sectors of employment.

What is ecological psychology (ecopsychology)? Are ecopsychology and ecological psychology the same?

Please visit our webpage _ What is Ecological Psychology (Ecopsychology)

How is Viridis’ approach to ecological psychology unique?

Ecological psychology recognizes that we live with a complex and responsive planet that acts upon us (all life forms) as much as we act upon the planet. A changing climate is the most poignant example.

Problems communities face today, from climate disasters, ecological and social justice conflicts, lack of access to education, physical and mental health, and economic fairness, to the destruction caused by ecocide, culturecide, and genocide, are not new.

These interrelated problems stem from human narratives and their practices – from our psychology.

Therefore, Viridis Graduate Institute has designed unique graduate programs that develop ecological literacy and psychological capacities necessary for reconfiguring detrimental narratives and practices underpinning our communal and planetary problems.

For a brief overview, see the video below.

Do I have to be licensed to practice ecopsychology?

No. Our approach to ecological psychology is educative rather than clinical. We have students who enter the programs as licensed clinicians and utilize their education in their therapeutic professions.

How does a Doctor of Arts compare to a Ph.D.?

The Doctor of Arts (D.A.) is a terminal degree like a D.Ed., J.D., M.D., and Ph.D. The Doctor of Arts is a rich degree with a long history. It is offered at major universities worldwide as an alternative to a traditional research-based Ph.D.

The Doctor of Arts terminal degree in higher education is acknowledged and respected academically and professionally across industries.

The Doctor of Arts degree aims to offer advanced ecological literacy and psychological capabilities for immediate application in a chosen profession or a new enterprise.

Is Viridis accredited and by what agency?

Viridis Graduate Institute is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA – http://chea.org/). The accreditation process that Viridis goes through is the same as all schools, whether online or campus-based.

What is ReWilding? How often can I attend? How much does it cost?

ReWiliding is a twice-annual opportunity for students to connect with each other and immerse themselves in the ecological world. It is not required. However, meeting cohort members in natural settings can deepen one’s experience of ecological psychology.

Does Viridis accept international students?

 Yes, Viridis has students from around the world.

What proficiency in English is required to study at Viridis?

 Students are expected to be proficient in both oral and written forms of English. All class instruction is in English.

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