DA Program Tuition Fees

DA Program Tuition Fees


At Viridis we want every student to be able to obtain the highest quality education in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities without the stress of debt and high interest rates. Viridis offers convenient payment options with zero interest. You graduate with a degree and zero debt.

Tuition and Fee rates are set annually and based on the scheduled start date and continuous enrollment. Program tuition and fee rates will remain the same for the duration of the program with continuous enrollment. A separation in enrollment may result in a change in tuition and fee rates.

Tuition and fees cover access to all elements required in an educational offering.

The student is obligated to pay the Application Fee of $100 upon submission of the initial Online Application.

Total Tuition: $20,700

Technology Fee: $750 ($250 per year) Paid separately from tuition fee (Non-refundable after signing the Enrollment Agreement)

Doctoral Capstone Project Fee: $3,500 Paid separately from tuition fee (Non-refundable after 72 hours from program start date)



The student agrees to make twenty-seven (27) monthly payments of $740.00 dollars and one (1) final payment of $720.00.

Payments begin September 1.


Technology Fee: Year 1 – The student agrees to make one payment of $250 due September 1.

Technology Fee: Year 2 – The student agrees to make one payment of $250 due September 1.

Technology Fee: Year 3 – The student agrees to make one payment of $250 due September 1.

Doctoral Capstone Project Fee: $3,500 Year 3 – The student agrees to make (4) four payments of $875 due July 1, August 1, September 1, and November 1.

TUITION & FEES     Cost per credit Tuition Fees Tuition & Fees
Year 1 Credit Hours 32 credits   $                                    230.00  $                           7,360.00    $              7,360.00
Year 2 Credit Hours 34 credits   $                                    230.00  $                           7,820.00    $              7,820.00
Year 3 Credit Hours 24 credits  $                                    230.00  $                           5,520.00    $              5,520.00
Tech Fees Year 1, 2, 3        $           750.00  $                  750.00
Doctoral Capstone Project Fee Year 3        $       3,500.00  $              3,500.00
TOTALS      $                         20,700.00  $       4,250.00  $            24,950.00
TUITION FEE     27 Payments of $740.00    
      1 Final Payment $720.00    
Tech Fee Year 1   Due 9/1 Year 1    $           250.00  
Tech Fee Year 2   Due 9/1 Year 2    $           250.00  
Tech Fee Year 3   Due 9/1 Year 3    $           250.00  
Doctoral Capstone Project Fee        $           875.00  
Made in 4 payments        $           875.00  
         $           875.00  
         $           875.00  
TOTAL TUITION & FEES      $                         20,700.00  $       4,250.00  $            24,950.00

Important Note:  Please ADMISSIONS page for details and required documents for submission to the Doctor of Arts program.

Textbook Costs

The estimated cost of textbooks($600) is not included in the quoted tuition. You may purchase them from a vendor of your choice. Textbook costs are based on new book prices (ebooks, audible books, and used texts are acceptable).

Viridis Graduate Institute does not participate in state or federal financial aid-funded programs. Graduates of Viridis depart with zero debt due to our payment plan option. Though the primary responsibility for education financing rests with the student, we encourage applicants to explore any of the following avenues of financial assistance.

  • No Interest Fee $0: Viridis Graduate Institute does not charge interest on the balance owed on student payment plans.
  • Employer assistance for student education.
Tax Deductible Educational Expense

While a personal accountant or Certified Public Accountant can best advise students regarding tax deductions, it is important to remember that the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 26, Section 1.162-5, Expenses for Education allows for personal income tax deduction of educational expenses including tuition, cost of travel, meals, and lodging, etc., so long as they: 1) Maintain or improve skills required by the individual in his employment or other trade or business, or 2) Meet the express requirements of the individual’s employer, or the requirements of applicable law or regulations, imposed as a condition to the retention by the individual of an established employment relationship, status, or rate of compensation.

Please contact Viridis Graduate Institute with any questions you may have: [email protected]

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