Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

Viridis Graduate Institute is committed to building a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive educational environment that promotes learning, the free exchange of ideas, and the respectful treatment of others.

Accordingly, all students are expected to comply with the Academic Honesty Policy.

Honor Code

Students of Viridis Graduate Institute pledge adherence to this Code of Conduct:

  • To observe fully the standards, rules, policies, and guidelines established by VGI, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, the State Education Agency, and other appropriate organizations serving an oversight role for my Institute.
  • To adhere to high ethical standards in the pursuit of my education, and to the best of my ability will:
  • To conduct myself with professionalism, courtesy, and respect for others in all of my dealings with the university tutors, mentors, portfolio evaluators, administration, and other students.
  • To present my qualifications and background truthfully and accurately for admission to the university.
  • To observe the university policies and rules on submitting work, completing oral and written examinations, participating in discussions, and conducting research.
  • Never turn in work that is not my own or present another person’s ideas or scholarship as my own.
  • Never ask for, receive, or give unauthorized help on graded assignments or oral and written examinations.
  • Never use outside books or papers that are unauthorized by the university’s curriculum and instruction.
  • Never divulge the content of assignments or oral and written examinations to fellow students.
  • Never improperly use, destroy, forge, or alter my university’s documents, transcripts, or other records.
  • (When applicable) Never divulge my online username or password.
  • Always observe the recommended study schedule for my program of studies.
  • Always report any violations of this Code of Conduct to the appropriate institution official, and report any evidence of cheating, plagiarism (in all forms), or improper conduct on the part of any student of the university when I have direct knowledge of these activities.