Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses

Viridis Graduate Institute’s professional development offerings include the Introduction to Ecopsychology seminar and Ecopsychology Intensive course.

These offerings provide a solid introduction to ecological psychology and its many possible applications whether one wishes to enhance their existing knowledge or to explore whether a degree in ecological psychology is of interest.

Seminars and courses are delivered live on Zoom.

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Introduction to Ecopsychology Seminar

This 2-hour seminar provides a basic overview of the ecological and psychological processes studied at VGI. It is an excellent course for those curious about ecological psychology and how it applies to both personal and professional life.

Ecopsychology Intensive Course

This 10-week course is designed for those wanting to learn about ecological psychology, its theory, practice, and many applications. This is an excellent course if one is deciding how a degree in ecological psychology is relevant to one’s personal life, business, organization, institution, and community.

The Ecopsychology Intensive course is appropriate for a broad cross-section of audiences.

They can also be tailored for particular groups, such as:

• Business leaders and corporate managers seeking a time-proven, innovative, and narrative-changing education to enhance and advance professional development in the areas of corporate sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is critical for those who are involved in the areas of environmental protection, social justice, and economic equity.

• Educators and coaches who wish to teach or directly apply ecopsychology processes in the classroom, individual and organizational coaching, and consulting practices.

• Health care professionals, including clinicians, therapists, social counselors, grief workers, and environmental first responders who are tasked with detecting and assessing narratives, patterns, and their behavioral expressions in order to transform deleterious narratives and their practices.

All participants engage with responsive ecopsychology that offers practical and effective ways to reconfigure narratives, thereby transforming behavior. These skills support individuals and organizations in becoming accountable and responsible for the narratives, behaviors, and practices enacted in the world.

Ecological psychology examines ecological and psychological processes of:

  • energy exchange,
  • diversity,
  • waste,
  • change,
  • relationality,
  • decay and renewal (ecological and psychological composting) that underpin all processes.

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Viridis Graduate Institute is a DEAC accredited institute.

Professional development offerings are outside the scope of accreditation granted by DEAC.

Professional development offerings are not and do not require licensing by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.