DA Program Tuition Fees

DA Program Tuition Fees


Viridis is committed to every student obtaining the highest quality education in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities without the stress of debt, fees, or interest rates on the cost of their education.

We are equally committed to recruiting the best faculty with the most courageous minds to guide your educational journey during challenging times.

Tuition and Fee rates are set annually and based on the scheduled start date. Program tuition and fee rates will remain the same for the duration of the program with continuous enrollment. A separation in enrollment may result in a change in tuition and fee rates.

Tuition and fees cover access to all elements required in an educational offering.

The student is obligated to pay the Application Fee of $100 upon submission of the initial Online Application.

Degree Credits 90 – $230 per credit.

Total Tuition: $20,700

Technology Fee: $825 ($275 per year) Paid separately from tuition fee (Non-refundable after signing the Enrollment Agreement)

Doctoral Capstone Project Fee: $3,500 Paid separately from tuition fee (Non-refundable after 72 hours from program start date)



The student agrees to make thirty payments (30) monthly payments of $690.00 dollars.


Technology Fee: Year 1 – The student agrees to make one payment of $275 due September 1.

Technology Fee: Year 2 – The student agrees to make one payment of $275 due September 1.

Technology Fee: Year 3 – The student agrees to make one payment of $275 due September 1.

Doctoral Capstone Project Fee: $3,500 Year 3 – The student agrees to make (4) four payments of $875 due July 1, August 1, September 1, and October 1.


Viridis is committed to providing the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost.

VGI’s educational programs are designed to avoid having our students fall into debt to receive an education.

Financial benefits include:

  • Extremely low tuition.
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Zero interest
  • No fees on payment plans
  • Tax Credit

An education credit helps with the cost of higher education by reducing the amount of tax owed on your tax return. There are two education credits available: the American opportunity tax credit (AOTC) and the lifetime learning credit (LLC). Please consult with your tax adviser.

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Andra *****

My experience with Viridis Graduate Institute has been the most fulfilling educational experience of my life thus far! I was seeking a program that would support my understanding of humans as ecological creatures, and the school’s approach delivers on that and beyond. VGI successfully combines the convenience of online education with a level of regard for each student and faculty that engenders a deep sense of community


My experience at Viridis Graduate School was transformative in many ways.  I am leaving as a more developed researcher and scholar and have undergone a psychological transformation with a major change in thought patterns and values while working on my Doctoral Capstone project.  I was allowed to create a unique and meaningful project that pushed the boundaries of traditional research into arts-based research and deep mapping protocols. As I continue my work as an Ecopsychologist and Artist, I will always be indebted to Viridis Graduate Institute for allowing and supporting my explorations into this pioneering research approach.